Den vilda jakten på lyckan

Oliver Rose (Michael Douglas) och Barbara Rose (Kathleen Turner) är gifta och Oliver är den som jobbar och drar in pengarna i familjen. Nu har dock Barbara av en slump gjort lite paté och sålt den till en par kompisar och därigenom fått idéen att hon ska starta eget. Hon tyckte liksom om att tjäna pengar igen, det var så länge sedan. Hon tyckte om det så mycket så att...

Barbara: "Excuse me. You working?"
Oliver: "Yes. Is it important?"
Barbara: "Yes, kind of. I hope so. Stephanie Mayes called to say thank you for dinner the other night."
Oliver: "Yeah?"
Barbara: "She said the pate I made was so good, I should think about going into business."
Oliver: "Uh-huh."
Barbara: "So I asked her if she really meant it, and she said she did, so I took a pound over to her and collected $35. I'd almost forgotten what it felt like to make money."
Oliver: "You sold liver to our friends?"
Barbara: "She paid me in cash, Oliver. Somehow that felt different from the money I get cashing a check. It made me feel like trading in the Volvo on one of those four-wheel drive things with big knobby tires and the 200-horsepower engine. So I did. I'm going to pick it up tomorrow."
Oliver: "Thank you so much for telling me. Uh, and you think that you need this? I mean, the Volvo is a fine car."
Barbara: "I'll pay for it with my own money."
Oliver: "How much does it cost?"
Barbara: "I know it was kind of crazy, but I just wanted it, OK? 25,000."
Oliver: "So you only have to sell 700 more pounds of paté."
Barbara: "Maybe I will."
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Originaltitel: War of the Roses
Tobias Lekman, Pierre Henriksson