Funny people

Komikern George Simmons (Adam Sandler) drabbas av en dödlig sjukdom och ställd inför detta inser han att han egentligen inte har några vänner. Under sitt sista levnadsår vill han få uppleva riktig vänskap och utföra en god handling. Han tar därför en yngre, kämpande komiker under sina vingars beskydd och låter honom bli hans personliga assistent. Assistenten Ira (Seth Rogen) sitter med när George går till doktorn, Lars (Torsten Voges), en doktor med långt blont hår och kraftig accent:

George: "You could give good news, and I'd still be like, 'What happened? Am I still dying?'"
Lars: "I'm just trying to help you."
George: "I know you sound like a regular Joe where you come from, but here I keep thinking you're gonna be torturing James Bond later."
Lars: "I'm sure your sense of humor will serve you well in this situation."
George: "There he goes again. All so terrifying because it came out of your mouth."
Lars: "You are a very funny man."
George: "Are you mad that you died at the end of Die Hard?"
Ira: "I don't understand the reference."
Lars: "He kind of looks like those two guys in the second Matrix movie."
Lars: "I assure you I was not in The Matrix."
George: "Why did you eat Björn Borg? What did he do to you?"
Lars: "If you have no other questions, I do have other patients."
George: "You have other patients that you have to frighten by the end of the day? How many patients do you frighten a day?"
Lars: "And I am slowly getting a little bit annoyed by these humorous activities from you guys. So, I think you and... We have discussed this and I am very, very sympathetic to your recovery, and I hope we will succeed with what we are doing."
Ira: "I've been trying to build this cabinet I bought from you guys for, like, six months and I gotta..."
Lars: "IKEA? That's very funny."
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Doktorn med den kraftiga accenten nämns i förbifarten en gång till i filmen, när George pratar med sin före detta flickvän i telefon, Laura (Leslie Mann):

Laura: "So, what happened with your tests?"
George: "Laura, let's not talk about all that."
Laura: "What did the doctor say?"
George: "The Swedish Nazi? He never has good news. It is what it is. I don't want to talk about it."
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