Min middag med André

Wally Shawn (Wallace Shawn) ber sin gamla vän och kollega André Gregory (André Gregory) att möta honom på en restaurang för att prata lite. Wally har hört lite rykten om sin gamle kollega och för att reda ut vad som hänt och skingra ryktena vill han prata med honom. Ett av ryktena Wally hade hört var att en vän, George, hade träffat på André när han var ute med hunden:

Wally: "Apparently, George had been walking his dog in an odd section of town the night before and he'd suddenly come upon André, leaning against a crumbling old building and sobbing. André had explained to George that he'd just been watching the Ingmar Bergman movie Autumn Sonata about 25 blocks away and he'd been seized by a fit of ungovernable crying when the character played by Ingrid Bergman had said 'I could always live in my art, but never in my life.'"
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Vid middagen är det mest André som berättar om sitt liv och Wallace den ständige lyssnaren. Men så börjar Wally undra och ifrågasätta saker. Monologen blir en dialog. Här är dock en bit där André pratar mest:

André: "See, I keep meeting these people. I mean, uh, just a few days ago I met this man whom I greatly admire. He's a Swedish physicist - Gustav Björnstrand. And he told me that he no longer watches television he doesn't read newspapers, and he doesn't read magazines. He's completely cut them out of his life because he really does feel that we're living in some kind of Orwellian nightmare now and that everything that you hear now contributes to turning you into a robot."
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Originaltitel: My Dinner with Andre
Gustaf Ekelund