Om en pojke

I inledningen av filmen så berättar Will (Hugh Grant) att alla män är öar och att det nu är en tid för öar, och fortsätter sedan:

Will: "A hundred years ago for instance you had to depend on other people. No one had TV, or CDs or DVDs or videos or home espresso makers. As a matter of fact, they didn't have anything cool. Wheras now you see, you can make yourself a little island paradise. With the right supplies, and more importantly the right attitude, you can be sundrenched, tropical. A magnet for young, Swedish tourists."
Kristina: "Hi... it's Kristina. I havn't heard from you. I had a great time last night so... give me a call, ok?"
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Originaltitel: About a boy
Mizzo, Peter Ericsson, Mia Nygren. Tack till Emma Ivarsson som fixade ljudklippet.