Pang! Pang! Du är död!

I denna mediokra 80-talsfilm där en amerikansk student blir indragen i en spionhistoria befinner sig huvudpersonen Jonathan Moore (Anthony Edwards) i Paris då hans medresenär Manolo (Jsu Garcia) raggar upp en blondin vid Louvren. Följande dialog förs sedan mellan Jonathan och Manolo då den senare vill ha hotellrummet för sig själv en stund:

Jonathan: "Manolo, look at this place. It's incredible! It says here there are over 208,000 works of art. And that's like Roman, Ancient Greek, the Mona Lisa. Venus de Milo's here."
Manolo: "Yeah, you mean the chick with no arms?"
Jonathan: "Yeah, that's the one. I mean, this is the palace where the French kings lived before Versailles. And then Napoleon turned it into the biggest museum in the world."
Manolo: "What is your name?"
Heidi: "Heidi."
Manolo: "I am Carlos, from Algeria. Have you heard of me?"
Heidi: "Isn't there a terrorist named Carlos?"
Manolo: "Shh! I need your help. I need you to walk with me to my hotel. I cannot walk the streets of Paris alone. Will you help me?"
Heidi: "I don't know..."
Manolo: "Shh! Say no more. I shall return."
Jonathan: "What's goin' on?"
Manolo: "I'm in!"
Jonathan: "You're in?"
Manolo: "Her name is Heidi."
Jonathan: "Heidi?"
Manolo: "She's Swedish, we're going back to the hotel."
Jonathan: "Manolo, how did you do that so quickly?"
Manolo: "Told her my name is Carlos, man. I just got back from Algeria. She thinks I am a terrorist. Swedish chicks go crazy for this shit. So, give me two hours before you head back to the hotel."
Jonathan: "Well, wait a second. Maybe she's got a girlfriend or something."
Manolo: "Hey, no offense, but uh... I'm a terrorist. I can't be seen with somebody who looks like Bambi."
Jonathan: "I don't look like Bambi."
Manolo: "Okay, so you don't look like Bambi. Why don't you go check out the Eiffel Tower?"
Jonathan: "I already saw it."
Manolo: "See it again. Come on, gimme a break! She's Swedish. Hey... happy hunting, amigo."
Lyssna på ljudklippet

Lite senare framkommer det att Manolo inte fick till det med Heidi, kanske berodde det på att han upptäckte att hon inte var svenska, eller att Heidi upptäckte att han trodde att hon var det - vem vet?

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Originaltitel: Gotcha!
Adam Evertsson, Jennifer