Priscilla - Öknens drottning

Alldeles i början av filmen så kommer Adam Whitely (Guy Pearce) hem med en buss som han köpt. I bussen hänger en fin svensk flagga längst bak och hur han fick tag på den beskrivs så här:

Adam: "What do you think?"
Ralph: "When do we have to return it to the school?"
Adam: "We don't. We own it."
Ralph: "What?"
Adam: "Well, I met some nice Swedish tourists called Lars, Lars and Lars and I couched it out of them for 10.000 bucks."
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Väl ute i den australiensiska öknen går bussen sönder och där ute följer dessa två dialoger, som handlar om ABBA vars musik de tre använder sig flitigt av i sin show i filmen:

Tick: "Nothing for miles...
Adam: "Can you hear the drums, Fernando..."
Ralph: "I've said it before, and I'll say it again: No more fucking ABBA!"
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Och vidare:

Ralph: "What's this?
Adam: "That, my darling, is my most treasured possession in the whole wide world."
Ralph: "But... What is it?"
Adam: "Well a few years ago I went on a pilgrimage backstage to an ABBA concert, hoping to grab an audience with her royal highness Agnetha. Well, when I saw her ducking into the ladies loo, naturally I followed her in. And after she had finished her business I ducked into the cubicle, only to find she left me a little gift. Sitting in the toilet bowl."
Ralph: "What are you telling me? This is an ABBA-turd?"
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Ticks (Hugo Weaving) son Benji (Mark Holmes) som kommer in i filmen i slutet nämner också ABBA:

Anthony: "I'm not supposed to know about the ABBA show... but I'd really like to see it."
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Originaltitel: The adventures of Priscilla, queen of the desert
Sarah Owe-Larsson, Orvar Säfström, Oscar Andersson