Wayne's World 2

 Wayne (Mike Myers) och Garth (Dana Carvey) ska intervjuas av Handsome Dan. När de kommer in på radiostationen möter de Björgen-Kjörgen (Drew Barrymore) som sitter i receptionen. Den följande diskussionen låter så här:

Wayne: "Hi. We're here to see Handsome Dan. My name is Wayne Cambell."
Björgen-Kjörgen: "Jaa, I know. We've been expecting you Waijn Kambell. I'm Björgen-Kjörgen."
Wayne: "Wow, I love your accent.. Where are you from?"
Björgen-Kjörgen: "I'jm from Sviden."
Wayne: "Oh really? Where about i Sweden?"
Björgen-Kjörgen: "Knörgen, near the Björgen-fjords."
Wayne: "Well, nice to meet you Björgen-Kjörgen from Knörgen near the Björgen-fjords. Hmm.. Knörgen? That's in the Klögen-province near the Börgenriver?"
Björgen-Kjörgen: "Jaha..."
Wayne: "Correct me if i'm wrong. Your annual rain falls varies from about 40 iches in the winter to about 200 iches in the summer. And your cheap exporting is modular furniture. I did a project about Sweden in the eighth grade."
Björgen-Kjörgen: "Vell, I'jm impressed in your quest for knowledge. Edjucated men are rare."
Wayne: "It was really hard, I stayed up all night working on it. Then the next day in gym-class i was on the mini-tramp and got diarréa. I really wish I hadn't told you that."
Björgen-Kjörgen: "Well. I'jm sorry to hear of your illness, but since you have sacrificed your health for knowledge of my homecountry I find you very attractive and hope to make love to you in the near future."
Wayne: "Well.. Schwöörgen..."
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Originaltitel: Wayne's World 2
Jörgen Nilsson