Breaking bad


Jesse (Aaron Paul) har precis släppts från fängelset och har bestämt sig för att börja om på nytt med en ny identitet och har en liten konversation med Saul (Bob Odenkirk) som ska hjälpa honom med det hela:

Saul: "He'll pick you up. You pay him. He'll take your ID. He'll give you a new one. Good-bye, Jesse Pinkman. Hello, Mr. Credit to Society."
Jesse: "So, do I get to pick where I go?"
Saul: "Well, it's your life. I imagine you get a say. Want a suggestion? How about Florida? You get a tan, meet the Swedish bikini team, you know, swim with the dolphins."
Jesse: "What about... Alaska?"
Saul: "Alaska. Okay. Well, that's a different vibe. I never figured you for a big moose lover, but whatever floats your boat."
Jesse: "Alaska..."
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Breaking bad, avsnittet Confessions (2013)
Originaltitel: Breaking bad
Niklas "Varulven" Chaligo