Come fly with me

Episode 4

Penny (David Walliams) har fått reda på att prinsessan Anne ska flyga med en av flygbolagets flighter den kommande veckan, och är naturligtvis eld och lågor över detta. Hon berättar för tv-kameran om hennes jobb i förstaklass-avdelningen på flygbolaget Great British Air: 

Presentatör: "Great British Air stewardess Penny is thrilled that Princess Ann is planning to fly with the airline next week." 
Penny: "I'm not surprised that the Princess has chosen to fly with us. It’s well known that we do provide the finest first class service. For example, all our stewardesses are now trained in massage therapy. So, on long haul flights we can offer shiatsu, Swedish, deep tissue. All of which come with a happy ending."
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I första klass går de sedan igenom vad som erbjuds i underhållning. Medhjälpare från kungahuset (Matt Lucas) är allt annat är medgörlig:

Presentatör: "Back in the First Class cabin, Penny is still busy making preparations for Princess Anne's flight."
Penny: "Now each passenger has their own in-flight entertainment system that allows them to browse genres and choose from all of the latest releases."
Kunglig medhjälpare: "Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, is extremely particular about which actors she's willing to watch. A list of approved actors is as follows."
Penny: "Let me just get a pen."
Kunglih medhjälpare: "Quickly."
Penny: "Yes?"
Kunglig medhjälpare: "Jason Statham. Jet Li."
Penny: "Yes."
Kunglig medhjälpare: "Dolph Lundgren."
Penny: "Yes."
Kunglig medhjälpare: "Arnold Schwarzenegger."
Penny: "Yes."
Kunglig medhjälpare: "Sylvester Stallone."
Penny: "Oh, well, there is a film with all those people in. I believe it's called 'The Expendables.' Maybe I could order that in especially for the Princess."
Kunglig medhjälpare: "Princess Anne, the Princess Royal has already seen' The Expendables'."
Penny: "Did she like it?"
Kunglig medhjälpare: "No, she did not. She said it wasn't nearly violent enough and I quote, 'It was for pussies'."
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Come fly with me, avsnittet Episode 4 (2011)
Originaltitel: Come fly with me
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