Blood is thicker

En ung kvinna mördas och misstankarna leder Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) och hans assistent Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) till en miljadärs privata våning. Väningen är ju dock privat, men tack vare Sherlocks kontakter och kopplingar så löser det sig. På ett väldigt intressant sätt...

Sherlock: "Unless I'm off my mark, Mr. Gale has reserved the floor to himself to avoid prying eyes."
Joan: "And what makes you think he's just gonna open his door for us?"
Sherlock: "One keycard to access every room on the aforementioned floor, courtesy of my contact here."
Joan: "Do I even want to know?"
Sherlock: "He's a chef in the hotel restaurant. He has rather exotic tastes. The package contains half a pound of Swedish moose cheese, one of the rarest and most expensive cheeses in the world, produced only three times a year by a single farm in the county of Västerbotten. I did the owners a favor once, and they keep me in fresh supply."
Joan: "This is one of those "so many questions" moments. Why only three times a year?"
Sherlock: "Well, I'm not sure. Having never milked a moose, I imagine one must catch it in the right mood."
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Elementary, avsnittet Blood is thicker (2013)
Originaltitel: Elementary