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Gänget och jag

Avsnitt: The spirit is willing

Howard Cunnigham (Tom Bosley) kommer hem till sin älskade fru Marion (Marion Ross) och deklarerar följande:

Howard: "You know what this is?"
Marion: "We've got the Burkhearts' mail again. This time I'm not going to help you steam it open, Howard."
Howard: "No no, sweetheart, no this is your dream come true. We're going to Sweden!"
Marion: "Are we flying? Are we gonna go by boat?"
Howard: "Oh, all that and more sweetheart. You see, I found out you can save a fortune by staying off the beaten path."
Marion: "Well Howard, just how far off the beating path."
Howard: "Yeah well, first thing is we drive to New Foundland."
Marion: "Well, Howard that's Canada."
Howard: "Yeah, that's our bonus country. Now this next part is a bit tricky, sweetheart, do you still have hiking boots?"
Marion: "Sure you gave me a pair for christmas."
Howard: "Good becouse there's just a beautiful scenic walk along the coast to were we catch the norwegian herring boat."
Marion: "Oh Howard..."
Howard: "Well don't worry, we get to keep anything we catch. From there it's just a mailplane ride to Oslo, a bicycle ride into Stockholm, we pitch our tent and we're there!"
Marion: "Well for our two week vacation how much are we gonna spend in Sweden?"
Howard: "Two days! But listen - this time of year the sun never sets. Now what do you think of isn't that wonderful"
Marion: "Well... it's simpler then our trip to Yosemite..."
Howard: "Hey Joanie!"
Joanie: "What?"
Howard: "Guess what!"
Joanie: "What?"
Howard: "I'm taking your mother to Sweden."
Joanie: "Ahh that's great. How long will you be there?"
Marion: "Two days and no nights."
Howard: "Isn't that great?"
Joanie: "That's great dad."

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Arthur Fonzarelli (Henry Winkler) kommer in till Howard och Marion och de pratar om ditten och datten. När Arthur ska gå säger Marion följande till honom:

Marion: "Oh Arthur!"
Arthur: "Yeah?"
Marion: "Howard gave me a gift. He's taking me to Sweden."
Fonzie: "Oh mr C, that's great, she bought it! Did he tell you what happens if you miss that herringboat."

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Affisch för tv-serien Gänget och jag

Niklas "Varulven" Chaligo

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