Episode #5.3

Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) och Demelza Poldark (Eleanor Tomlinson) går in på en bjudning hos Lady Whitworth (Rebecca Front), som står och språkar med Dr. Penrose (Simon Thorp). Dr. Penrose inser alldeles för sent att hans frispråkighet gör att han trampar rejält i klaveret när andra gäster strömmar in, bland annat Ned Despard (Vincent Regan) och hans fru Kitty Despard (Kerri McLean), som av en ren slump passar in på det som Dr. Penrose precis pladdrat om.

Dr. Penrose: "The evidence is there, not prejudice or supposition, but scientifically ratified by men who are experts in the field. The eminent Carl Linnaeus. Do you know him?"
George (Jack Farthing): "Lady Whitworth brought him. Apparently, they share some business interests."
Dr. Penrose: "Divides the human species into four distinct varieties. At the top, naturally, is the Europaeus Albus, fair, white, blue-eyed, strong-minded, rational, discerning."
George: "Genteel, inventive, noble, pure..."
Lady Whitworth: "And at the bottom?"
Dr. Penrose: "Oh, your Africanus Niger. Small of brain, broad of skull..."
Cecily (Lily Dodsworth-Evans): "My dears, how delightful to see you."
Dr. Penrose: "...crafty, cunning..."
Cecily: "Come and meet some of our guests.
Dr. Penrose: "...and incapable of understanding anything other than brute force and simple instruction."
Cecily: "May I present our friends, Colonel and Mrs Despard? Lady Whitworth. Dr Penrose."
Kitty: "Did I hear you correctly, sir? I am cunning, witless and in need of a beating?"
Cecily: "Of course, he speaks purely from a scientific perspective."
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Poldark, avsnittet Episode #5.3 (2020)
Originaltitel: Poldark
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