White collar

What happens in Burma

På väg till ett möte går Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) och Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) och småpratar om gångna tider och plötsligt visar Peter att han minsann har en Sverige-fetish:

Peter: "Coming here reminds me I should travel more."
Neal: "I tried to get you to go to France."
Peter: "No. You fled to France."
Neal: "Nitpicking."
Peter: "You had quite a run there for a while. Riviera, Copenhagen."
Neal: "I should've sent postcards."
Peter: "No, I had Interpol warrants. Just as good. 'Neal's robbing a palace. Wish you were here.'"
Neal: "Good times. Where would you go? Anywhere in the world."
Peter: "Sweden. I like Vikings. Sword in my hand, good ship under my feet."
Neal: "Pillage and plunder. I knew under that lawman exterior beats the heart of a thief."
Peter: "Well, maybe I just like hats with horns."
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White collar, avsnittet What happens in Burma (2011)
Originaltitel: White collar
Lars Starlander