Michael McIntyre's comedy roadshow


Det föreligger en viss rivalitet och hatkärlek mellan de brittiska städerna Liverpool och Manchester, och John Bishop som är från Liverpool står inför publiken i Manchester och gör anspelningar på hur korkade man anser varandra vara. Helt plötsligt drar han inte bara in Warrington-borna i grannfejden utan också svenskarna och IKEA.

John Bishop: "Thanks for that! Thanks for the applause. 'Cause we have this, this, this rivalry between us… and it's unnecessary. Let's be honest, it's unnecessary. Between Liverpool and Manchester, what is there? Warrington!
And let's be honest, before the Swedes built the shop we didn't even know it was there. And when the Swedes built the shop, they realised the problems they had. They thought, we're gonna build this shop in Warrington. These people are half-breeds from Liverpool and Manchester. Let's make it easy. Let's show them which way to walk around the shop.
If you ever go to IKEA and try to walk against the arrows, people scream at you. You can't just go to the market place, you've got to go through soft furnishin'. Even if you don't want anything in soft furnishin'. That's why, all over the country, people are walking home with four foot snakes that they didn't want to buy."
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Michael McIntyre's comedy roadshow, avsnittet Manchester (2009)
Originaltitel: Michael McIntyre's comedy roadshow
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