Bored to death

Escape from the Castle!

Jonathan (Jason Schwartzman), George (Ted Danson) och Greg (Zach Galifinakis) går på spa för att fira Rays födelsedag och där passar såväl Ray som George på att röka lite marijuana på taket. Konversationen haltar lite efter det...

George: "You know, being cancer-free has me craving all sorts of new experiences."
Ray: "It's always like that."
George: "I guess it's heightened now. I want to try everything. I want to be insane like Klaus Kinski. I wanna... I wanna live in Stockholm in the winter because I've fallen in love. I wanna be a eunuch in the harem of an Arab prince."
Jonathan: "George, what are you talking about?"
Ray: "We smoked pot on the roof."
George: "Yeah."
Jonathan: "Oh. I want to go to Stockholm."
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Bored to death, avsnittet Escape from the Castle! (2010)
Originaltitel: Bored to death
Magnus Karlsson