Vita huset

The drop in

Presidenten Bartlet (Martin Sheen) ska installera nya ambassadörer i USA, något som föder följande monologer och dialoger vid pressinformationen på morgonen där CJ (Allison Janney) informerar pressen om vad som ska hända idag:

CJ: "This morning the president saw ambassador Sumatra of Thailand, then it'll be Peter Hans of Sweden followed by her excellence Renée Ernesto of Argentina."
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Och väl vid installationen:

Jed: "You know, I think a lot of people don't realize that Swedes have lived in Sweden more than 5000 years longer than nearly any other european people."
Peter: "That's right, sir."
Jed: "In fact - gothic tribes from Sweden played a major role in the disintegration of the Roman empire, did they not?"
Peter: "They did, sir."
Jed: "You got that to answer for."
Peter: "Yes sir."
Assistent: "Mr president, it is with pleasure that I present his excellency Peter Hans of Sweden, and by request of the secretary of state ask that you accept his credentials from king Carl Gustaf as Sweden's ambassador to the United States."
Jed: "Mr Hans, I accept your letter of credence from king Gustaf and by affixing my signiature and seal, do hereby declare you to be a an ambassor extraordinary."
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Strax därpå så säger presidenten (Martin Sheen) till Leo McGarry (John Spencer):

Jed: "Sweden has a 100% literacy rate, Leo. A hundred percent! How do they do that?"
Leo: "Well, maybe they don't and they also can't count."
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Vita huset, avsnittet The drop in (2001)
Originaltitel: The west wing
Edward Boncina, Simon Ottosson, Fredrik Pettersen, Thomas Lundström