Vita huset

Hartsfield's landing

I ett tidigare avsnitt rök presidenten Jed Bartlet (Martin Sheen) och Toby (Richard Schiff) ihop rätt ordentligt och de spelar nu ett parti schack tillsammans för att reda ut allt och på sina egna sätt be om ursäkt. Toby har under diskussionen denna monolog:

Toby: "Abbey told me this story once. She said you were at a party once where you were vending the guy's ear. You were telling him that Ellie had mastered the multiplication tables and she was in the third grade reading on a fifth grade level and she loved books and she... scored two goals for her soccer team the week before and you were going on and on. And what made this story remarkable was that the party you were at was in Stockholm and the man you were talking to was king Gustaf, who two hours earlier had given you the Nobel Prize in economics. I mean my God... you'd just won the Nobel Prize and all you wanted to talk about to the king of Sweden was Ellie's multiplication tables."
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Vita huset, avsnittet Hartsfield's landing (2002)
Originaltitel: The west wing
Johan Karlsson, Malevil Ljunggren, Erik Svensson, Johan Karlsson, Thomas Lundström, Mikael Ström, Lisa24, Daniel Rydell, Nina Lökander, Ulrika Haas, Björn Svensson, Sara Jonsson, Tova Andersson, Henrik Jonler, ecmon